Arrival (Seeker Part 5)

The Seeker Part 5. Written by my BFF Calen! Feel free to pop on over to her blog for more great reads.

Impromptu Promptlings

The clouds began to weep at last. Drops from a misty veil danced upon the sea that rose up to meet the fields of grain. Damp, the Seeker hurried down the path to the village. It was larger than it had seemed from the stone circle. The buildings stretched over the countryside of what appeared to be a farming community, the furthest settling on a bluff above the water. The dwellings were quaint and inviting, but unlike the permanence and protection of the temple, these buildings were not impervious to the elements. Already the Seeker was beginning to notice the vulnerability of the world outside the temple mount.

She entered the village near a round building. Pausing to read the sign above the door she learned it was a granary. Peeking inside she recognized the grain that sacred bread was made from. She’d never supposed there could BE so…

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