Blessing (Seeker Part 4)

Part 4 of my BFF’s Seeker story. She is so talented!

Impromptu Promptlings

(This is a really, REALLY rough draft. Needs a lot of work yet.)

Not wishing to be overcome again with the sadness of the evening’s farewells, the Seeker left before it was full light. She took with her only a small pouch filled with food for the journey to the valley. The Elder Sisters had explained that once there she would be dependent upon others’ kindness for her sustenance. She also carried with her the white rose she had taken from the vase in the Hall of Gathering. She had been surprised to find it as fresh this morning as it had been the evening before. Something in her heart knew it was a bond to her life in the Realm of Grace, a bond representing the love of the Creator for all creation.

The path to the valley was well traveled, which the Seeker found odd. She knew there…

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