Vision (Seeker Part 3)

Part three of my BFF’S Seeker story. Please feel free to read it and comment on it on her blog.

Impromptu Promptlings

The music from the Hall of Gathering wafted its way through the marble arches calling the Seeker’s attention back to the farewell feast being prepared inside. Part of her heart ached at the thought of saying goodbye to those who had loved her for so long, yet she also felt eager to make her farewells and set out on her quest. She waved her hand through the air dispersing the symbols still floating around her and returned to the Hall where the others were already gathering.

20160514_120919As she entered, her gaze fell upon a large white lily, the usual centerpiece for the feast table. It’s potent scent overwhelmed her senses, and her mind was unexpectedly arrested with a clarity she had never known. Before her a vision rose up from the center of the flower. A vision of a beautiful woman dressed, somewhat immodestly, in red garments. Red… What was…

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