Leap of Faith (Seeker Part 2)

Part two of The Seeker write by my BFF. If you like it feel free to drop by her blog and let her know. She was the one that talked me into writing.

Impromptu Promptlings

When her breath had returned and her anxious thoughts had calmed, the Seeker stood on the knoll and gazed at the land spread out around her. From the temple mount she could see for miles. It was hard to imagine that beyond these beautiful rolling green hills the world was a different place. An unkind place. And yet that is what the Mother had said.

For the hundredth time she asked herself why she was doing this. Why leave the only life she had ever known? Many nights she had stood outside the temple just as tonight admiring the craftsmanship of the marble arches, the permanence and comfort they afforded. She had never wanted to be anywhere but here with her sisters. Or had she?

She had learned the history and the doctrine of the faithful. She knew all the correct answers when asked. She kept her prayer times and…

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