The Anointing (Chapter 1)

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Impromptu Promptlings


They had no names here in the Realm of Grace. Left on the stoop when she was but a babe, she was known only as “Sister”, the same as all the others. Until now. Now the old ones had given her a name. Now she was called “Seeker.”

It was her last night in the temple. The sisters were preparing a parting feast for her. She suspected it was intended to remind her of all she was leaving behind. A vase of white roses stood on the banquet table. She loved white, but she had grown weary of it. Everything was white here, from the walls to the furniture to the window coverings to the  very clothes they wore. White for purity and love. Until her meeting with the elder sisters, she, too, had worn white. Always white.

The elders were puzzled by her questions, her doubts, her curiosity. They…

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