Editing And My Plot Hole

I have posted in the last week or so that I am in the process of doing the first edit on Santa Baby. I printed the complete story out and used a red ink pen to marked things I wanted/needed to change. Since I’m NOT an editor which I have no idea if I’m doing it right or not. I do plan to have a pro look at it before setting it free in the wilds of Kindle. But I’d like the story to be as “clean” as I can get it first before doing that.

You know, like cleaning your house before the housekeeping service you just hired gets there.*

However, I find myself making edits to the red lined edits in the printed copy (does this count as a second edit?). In doing that, I found a huge contradiction in my storyline. At the end of an earlier chapter, I had the hero knowing about an attack on his family by the villain. Than in a later chapter, the villain tells the hero about this same attack and the hero is shocked to hear about it. He (the hero) couldn’t have known about the attack back in the earlier chapter.


After a lot of thought and plotting, I fixed it by making changes to the early chapter. While making the end of that early chapter a bit less dramatic, I think it adds a note of suspense. So plot problem fixed.
Thank Goodness for editing! Without doing it, I wouldn’t have found it and someone else would have.

* If I had a housekeeper. Which I don’t. But would like too. Maybe someday.


2 thoughts on “Editing And My Plot Hole

  1. And THAT, my dear, is one of the biggest things facing me with GB. I made some wrong assumptions about the historical issues (the year and what was around then), didn’t do my research thoroughly enough, and now the rewrite just seems overwhelming to me because I have to start at the beginning and go straight through. It will be such a domino affect. But it sounds like yours didn’t end up to bad if it really only affected one chapter that way?


  2. Oh no. I have a lot of changes. That was just the biggest one so far. I didn’t find it when I read through the whole thing with my red pen. I found it when I was making the changes from that red line edit. I still have a ways to go.

    Set down one afternoon with pen & paper and just read GB. If something doesn’t sound right or looks wrong just make a note of it. Don’t go in and start changing anything until you have read it as a reader would not as the author of it. Then put if away for a week or so before going back to it. You may find it’s not the big job you think it is. I’ll be more then happy to help in anyway I can.

    Luv Ya GF!


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