Blessing (Seeker Part 4)

Part 4 of my BFF’s Seeker story. She is so talented!

Impromptu Promptlings

(This is a really, REALLY rough draft. Needs a lot of work yet.)

Not wishing to be overcome again with the sadness of the evening’s farewells, the Seeker left before it was full light. She took with her only a small pouch filled with food for the journey to the valley. The Elder Sisters had explained that once there she would be dependent upon others’ kindness for her sustenance. She also carried with her the white rose she had taken from the vase in the Hall of Gathering. She had been surprised to find it as fresh this morning as it had been the evening before. Something in her heart knew it was a bond to her life in the Realm of Grace, a bond representing the love of the Creator for all creation.

The path to the valley was well traveled, which the Seeker found odd. She knew there…

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Vision (Seeker Part 3)

Part three of my BFF’S Seeker story. Please feel free to read it and comment on it on her blog.

Impromptu Promptlings

The music from the Hall of Gathering wafted its way through the marble arches calling the Seeker’s attention back to the farewell feast being prepared inside. Part of her heart ached at the thought of saying goodbye to those who had loved her for so long, yet she also felt eager to make her farewells and set out on her quest. She waved her hand through the air dispersing the symbols still floating around her and returned to the Hall where the others were already gathering.

20160514_120919As she entered, her gaze fell upon a large white lily, the usual centerpiece for the feast table. It’s potent scent overwhelmed her senses, and her mind was unexpectedly arrested with a clarity she had never known. Before her a vision rose up from the center of the flower. A vision of a beautiful woman dressed, somewhat immodestly, in red garments. Red… What was…

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Leap of Faith (Seeker Part 2)

Part two of The Seeker write by my BFF. If you like it feel free to drop by her blog and let her know. She was the one that talked me into writing.

Impromptu Promptlings

When her breath had returned and her anxious thoughts had calmed, the Seeker stood on the knoll and gazed at the land spread out around her. From the temple mount she could see for miles. It was hard to imagine that beyond these beautiful rolling green hills the world was a different place. An unkind place. And yet that is what the Mother had said.

For the hundredth time she asked herself why she was doing this. Why leave the only life she had ever known? Many nights she had stood outside the temple just as tonight admiring the craftsmanship of the marble arches, the permanence and comfort they afforded. She had never wanted to be anywhere but here with her sisters. Or had she?

She had learned the history and the doctrine of the faithful. She knew all the correct answers when asked. She kept her prayer times and…

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The Anointing (Chapter 1)

Something new from my talented BFF!

Impromptu Promptlings


They had no names here in the Realm of Grace. Left on the stoop when she was but a babe, she was known only as “Sister”, the same as all the others. Until now. Now the old ones had given her a name. Now she was called “Seeker.”

It was her last night in the temple. The sisters were preparing a parting feast for her. She suspected it was intended to remind her of all she was leaving behind. A vase of white roses stood on the banquet table. She loved white, but she had grown weary of it. Everything was white here, from the walls to the furniture to the window coverings to the  very clothes they wore. White for purity and love. Until her meeting with the elder sisters, she, too, had worn white. Always white.

The elders were puzzled by her questions, her doubts, her curiosity. They…

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A New Start For Book 1 of Dark World Warriors

I was unhappy about the start of a new series of books I want to do (someplace down the line!). The series name would Dark World Warriors. Each one would have a different Hero/Heroine.  What I had started was sound way to YA for what I wanted so I created the opening scene below. This will be a SFR (Science Fiction Romance) with adult characters.

Feel free to leave feedback!

A haze of acid smoke defused the glaring red of the bridge’s emergency lights as the red alert siren wailed. Captain Fl’ynn Tyr’ese looked around, trying to see who was still standing among his bridge crew. Most of them were down, on the floor or slumped over their stations. Injured or…dead.

Av’aline  Elo’wen, His First Officer and second in command, stood hunched over the navigation station. Her fingers flying fanatically over the keyboard as she tried to regain control of the wounded Viper class space cruiser.  Next to the Nav station’s seat, the body of the Chief Navigator lay in a spreading pool of ruby red blood. Shaking his head to clear the momentary sense of regret at the man’s death, he took stock of the rest of the bridge. A communications tech was operating the com station; a stream of blood ran down one side of his face from the wide cut over one eye.   

“Kill that fucking alarm now CT!”  Tyr’ese bellowed to the wounded man. Without looking at his captain, he nodded, his finger stabbing at a button in front of him. Silence fell over the bridge, broken only by the soft moans of wounded crew members and the crackle of a few small fires still burning.

Tyr’ese’s eyes scanned the destroyed bridge of his ship. He had been in command of the SC Euphoria for five years, patrolling this remote sector zone of the Lel’eiona galaxy. In that time, he and his crew had encountered only a few space pirates. Nothing his ship and her crew couldn’t handle.  Until now.

Another blast from their unseen enemy impacted somewhere mid ship.  The bridge shuddered and the emergency lights flickered overhead. Those still at operating stations looked up, holding their collective breath until the lights blazed a steady red again.  

“Captain!”  Third Engineer Os’ric  Zor’ion’s panicked voice drew Tyr’ese’s attention to Engineering station. His face, bathed in flashing red light, looked pale.  “A section of Engineering has been breached. The bulkhead doors have sealed it off.”

“Status!”  Tyr’ese snapped out.  Ship functions ran from the Engineering deck. Life support, weapons, and the ship’s engines made up some of the different sections. Each section would seal itself off when breached.

“We’re losing the FTL EmDrive, Sir!” The young Engineer’s voice rose a notch.  The Euphoria was powered by a faster than light EmDrive, a large cone shaped device. By repeatedly bouncing microwaves back and forth inside the cone, it created propellant-less thruster that moved the spacecraft at extraordinary speeds.  Without the EmDrive the Euphoria would be dead in space, leaving the ship and her crew easy targets for their attackers.

Music As My Muse

Music can set the tone for so many things in life. This this is the bare bones of my Writing Playlist*. They make me feel romantic ( Take My Breath Away by Berlin), sexy (I Put A Spell On You by Annie Lennox), feisty (You Get What You Pay For by Jason Charles Miller), etc. Music can be my Muse.

Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers
I Put A Spell On You – Annie Lennox (From Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack)
Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding (From Fifty Shades Of Grey)
Haunted – Beyonce (From The Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack)
Salted Wound – Sia (From The Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack)
Earned It – The Weekend (From The Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack)
Beast Of Burden – The Rolling Stones (From The Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack)
Crazy In Love – Beyonce (From The Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack)
One Last Night – Vaults(From The Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack)
Where You Belong – The Weekend(From The Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack)
I Know You – Skylar Grey(From The Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack)
Black Velvet – Alana Miles
House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals
Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande
Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
Demons – Imagine Dragons
Bleeding Out -Imagine Dragons
Legendary Lovers – Katy Perry
Unconditionally – Katy Perry
Dark Horse – Katy Perry
Smooth – Santana f Rob Thomas
I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons
Take My Breath Away – Berlin
You Get What You Pay For – Jason Charles Miller
Nights in White Satin – Moody Blues
Touch It – Monifah

*Songs can be added to the list at anytime.

Editing And My Plot Hole

I have posted in the last week or so that I am in the process of doing the first edit on Santa Baby. I printed the complete story out and used a red ink pen to marked things I wanted/needed to change. Since I’m NOT an editor which I have no idea if I’m doing it right or not. I do plan to have a pro look at it before setting it free in the wilds of Kindle. But I’d like the story to be as “clean” as I can get it first before doing that.

You know, like cleaning your house before the housekeeping service you just hired gets there.*

However, I find myself making edits to the red lined edits in the printed copy (does this count as a second edit?). In doing that, I found a huge contradiction in my storyline. At the end of an earlier chapter, I had the hero knowing about an attack on his family by the villain. Than in a later chapter, the villain tells the hero about this same attack and the hero is shocked to hear about it. He (the hero) couldn’t have known about the attack back in the earlier chapter.


After a lot of thought and plotting, I fixed it by making changes to the early chapter. While making the end of that early chapter a bit less dramatic, I think it adds a note of suspense. So plot problem fixed.
Thank Goodness for editing! Without doing it, I wouldn’t have found it and someone else would have.

* If I had a housekeeper. Which I don’t. But would like too. Maybe someday.