Editing Is Harder Than I Thought

I went through the printed proof of Santa Baby. I redlined things I wanted to take out, things I wanted to change, and things I wanted to add. I also looked for left out words, spacing, etc. It was hard to cut some of my words, but I did. I finished it last week.

This week I’ve been trying to make the changes in the soft copy of Santa Baby. Even that is hard. I’m finding that I’m STILL doing some editing as I go. I’ve done three chapters so far. I’ve rewritten complete paragraphs. I made changes to the daydream love scene in chapter 3. I thought I had that scene where I wanted it, with only a few small changes in it when I did in the red line edit. But when I went to make those in the soft copy I ended up changing more than just the few things I wanted too. Is this normal?

So now I’m wondering, was printing out it out and going through it like I did worth it? I mean, if I’m still changing things after doing that? At some point I have to just back away and say OK, I’m done. On to the next step? I love these characters. Maybe I just don’t want to let them go?

Yeah. Editing is harder than I thought.




4 thoughts on “Editing Is Harder Than I Thought

  1. That’s a good question. Maybe you should ask Christina at The Rolling Writer what she does. When she has people beta read for her now, she sends the whole thing in book form. She gets them from the company she gets her books from. They’re not dressed up, completed copies, just good enough for us to read. If you don’t know Christina I can ask her for you.


  2. Yep! Editing is something else. You have the story in your head, the one that you type out on the screen and then the one which comes out on paper. And the identical paragraph can look quite different from the three perspectives; I guess that’s why we need editors and beta-readers (I certainly do)
    Best wishes in your journey


      • Best wishes for your venture. I’d like to help with beta-ing but right now am up to my keyboard with ‘stuff’ and truly wouldn’t be able to do it justice. It’s a very serious task with great responsibility- once again all the best with your work


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