Updates: WIP and Beyond

Just a fast update on not only my WIP stuff, but some personal stuff too.


Santa Baby – Mistletoe, North Pole: My red line edit is almost done. I’m on chapter 25 out of 30. I haven’t worked on it this weekend (see personal stuff later in this blog) but it WILL be done before next weekend.

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc.: No new update on this one. I know where it’s going and how it will end. This is the book that I was thinking about when I attended the SFR Brigade panel called The Dangerous, The Devious, and The Irresistible at RT 2016. I have two characters that fall into the “bad guy” category. One is just so evil that I have no desire to rehabilitate him. From chapter one he’s just evil. But the second? Yeah I can see him being “saved” from his bad side. Would he turn lily white good? Doubtful. It comes down to was he born “bad? Or was it because of how and who raised him? 

Demon – Incubus MC:  No real update on this one either. I did start making notes about a second book under the Incubus MC title. That one would be about Demon’s brother, Viper. Since Viper is introduced in the first few chapters of Demon’s story, I wanted to make sure I got some stuff down about him.

Dark World Warriors – Tarkir: My SciFi romance novel and I’m NOT happy with what I had done on this one. True it’s just barely started (830 words) but if I’m not happy with it at this stage I need to reevaluate where I want this story to go. Right now it has a kind of YA vibe to it (at least to me) and that’s not where I want this story to go. I messed around with for a while last night and was still feeling meh about it. I’ll just have to see what develops with it.

Kai and KekipiA Hawaiian Legends Short Story: I haven’t worked on this for a while. I started it when we were in Hilo, Hawaii last October. It only going to be about 4-5 chapters and is done in sort of narrative style. I have 2 and half chapters done so far.

The following are short stories and the like. I’m thinking of adding them (as downloads) to this blog.:

Last Christmas – Short Christmas story.

Tutu Lady’s Unicorn, The Jester, and Blackbeard Inc – These are more like flash fiction. Very short and based on some word prompt challenges from Ryan Lanz over at A Writer’s Path blog. If I do a download of these, I’ll bundle them.


On the personal side:

Hubby had surgery a week ago last Friday. He’s doing great. He’s hoping to go back to work this Wed. This past week or so I’ve been trying to be more of a Florence Nightingale instead of a Nurse Ratched. I think I’ve mostly succeeded. I do know I seem to be a lot more tried this week.

At work we packed up our cubes in the cube farm, unplugged our slot machines and computers and moved to a “swing” space while they remodel the second floor of our building. They moved us to one big room with one door, no windows and makeshift desks. We’ll be down in this “dungeon” for about 3 months before moving back to the second floor.