Book Cover Play Time

Today was a short one for me at work. We have to move our work area to a temp space for 3 months. Hubby is still home recovering from his knee surgery so it’s hard to get a block of time to work on any of my writing projects at home. So I decide to make a book cover.

Once I get my paranormal MC WIP (Demon-Incubus MC) finished (that may be awhile. I only have six chapters written) I plan to do at least 2-3 more. The second one will be about Demon’s brother, Viper.

I made a temp cover (I think having some kind of visual helps my writing) for Demon so I thought I’d make one for Viper.  I don’t anything written for Viper yet but I do have page of notes for his story. So here is what I came up with. As I said…it’s a temp, a visual to help me write his story.

Viper Incubus MC

4 thoughts on “Book Cover Play Time

    • Nope. The black and white conveys the feeling I’m going for with these books. It also falls in line with the Demon book cover.

      Chuck is doing good. He’ll go back to work on Wed. I’m beat through! LOL. Yeah they cleaned up where he’d tore his meniscus. His pain level is less then before he had the surgery. I’m just hoping that he’s less grouchy now.


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