Editing Is Harder Than I Thought

I went through the printed proof of Santa Baby. I redlined things I wanted to take out, things I wanted to change, and things I wanted to add. I also looked for left out words, spacing, etc. It was hard to cut some of my words, but I did. I finished it last week.

This week I’ve been trying to make the changes in the soft copy of Santa Baby. Even that is hard. I’m finding that I’m STILL doing some editing as I go. I’ve done three chapters so far. I’ve rewritten complete paragraphs. I made changes to the daydream love scene in chapter 3. I thought I had that scene where I wanted it, with only a few small changes in it when I did in the red line edit. But when I went to make those in the soft copy I ended up changing more than just the few things I wanted too. Is this normal?

So now I’m wondering, was printing out it out and going through it like I did worth it? I mean, if I’m still changing things after doing that? At some point I have to just back away and say OK, I’m done. On to the next step? I love these characters. Maybe I just don’t want to let them go?

Yeah. Editing is harder than I thought.





When the only thing you like about a WIP is the title it may be a sign that you really just need to start the whole thing over. That’s what I’ve decide to do with my SFR (Science Fiction Romance) story. I really feel it’s something I must do. I just don’t like anything I’ve written so far except the title.  Maybe part of the problem is that my title (Dark World Warriors – Tarkir) is way more exciting then the 800 or so words I have written so far in the story. Reading what I have now, it comes across to me like a YA story and that’s definitely not what I foresaw with this idea. So everything but the title has to go. Below is what I have done so far on this story. I’ll archive it so I can go back and see if I can salvage anything for the restart.


Illuminated only by the lights from the consoles, the small bridge crew worked silently at their posts. Stars, dotting the darkness, were mere blurs as the speedy Zenith class ship sliced through space. Standing in front of the Captain’s chair Sh’alana Rai’lyn, First Daughter of King Aa’ron Rai’lyn, was motionless, her eyes never moving from the large viewing port across the bridge from where she stood.


The brief demand was answered with short, terse replies from the crew surrounding her.

“Tactical ready.”

“Navigation on course.”

“Scanning for target.”

“Engineering normal.”

There was no need for Sh’alana to respond. The small crew had severed under her on the much larger Reaver class battlecruiser, Invader. She had asked for volunteers for this mission and had been pleased when the four brightest of her crew had stepped forward. Each crewmember aboard the small, sleek lightcruiser Scythe understood the reason for this mission. They also understood and accepted that it would likely be a one-way trip. The future of their home world Acriea depended on the outcome of it.

Sh’alana’s eyes locked onto the dark space centered in the viewing port. It stood out noticeable among the bright pinpricks of the stars surrounding it. She frowned. From Lel’eiona’s home world of Acriea it had looked like a wide smear of darkness. However, from the bridge of the Scythe, looked more like a v shaped hole punched into the space around it. Realizing her crew was waiting for her to speak again, Sh’alana relaxed slightly, stepping back and dropping into the chair in the center of bridge. She turned to the slim, dark haired woman operating the Engineering station as well as handling all communications.

“Ai’leene,” the woman looked at Sh’alana, her face smooth and a slight smile on her lips. “Scan for any ships in the sector. Tell any that you find that this sector is now closed to all traffic and under my control.”

“Yes, Commander.”  She nodded, turning back to the smooth surface of her control panel. Her hands flew over its surface. A soft ping sounded after a few seconds. “No ships found within this sector Commander Rai’lyn.”

“Ai’leene?” Sh’alana uttered on a sigh. The woman turned once again to her commanding officer. A small smile played around the corners of her mouth.


“Drop the Commander shit Ai’leene.” She looked around the bridge. “It’s just us and this isn’t the Invader. We all know how this mission could turn out and we’ve been together too long to be formal now.” It was true; the five of them had been together from the first day of cadet training. They had been assigned to the same ships as they rose through the ranks. When she had taken control of the Invader, she had brought them with her. They were more than her crew; they were her friends. She trusted them with her life. Just as they trusted her with theirs.



Astronomers on Acriea had discovered a moving darkness in space, at the far reaches of their galaxy. At first it was thought to be a rouge asteroid, drawn into the Lel’eiona galaxy by the pull of its twin suns. But as time passed, those watching the object grew alarmed. They could see nothing in the Darkness. No light was seen escaping from it; it was a black void in space. One that seemed to be accelerating, on a direct path to Acriea. As it journeyed across space, it crossed paths with a small, ice encased planet on the outer fringes of the galaxy. Instead of impacting with the small planet, it flowed over and around it, like a slow moving mud flow. As the ice planet disappeared from those watching from afar, a brief white flash flared. Then nothing; only the Darkness now moving at a faster pace.

The astronomers at the Academy of Sciences tracking the Darkness couldn’t decide what it was. Most thought it was massive debris field of some distant star that had imploded. But a few of the younger scientists believed it was artificially created. A weapon maybe? The Darkness swallowed anything in its path leaving nothing but blackness in its wake. With no clear answers as to what it was, King Rai’lyn had ordered probes launched from space docks orbiting Acriea. There was hope that the information sent back from the probes would shed light on the Darkness. But just like the ice planet it had consumed, the Darkness swallowed the probes and no information was returned.  With the failure of the probes, it was decide to send a small manned mission investigate the Darkness.

Ze’non  Ant’reas , Military Commander of all Lel’eiona forces, called for volunteers for a five person team for the journey to the edge of the Darkness.  Once there, the crew would evaluate what the Darkness and assess if it could turned away from Acriea and the Lel’eiona galaxy. Alternatively, they would destroy it.  The questions was, could it even be destroyed?

Updates: WIP and Beyond

Just a fast update on not only my WIP stuff, but some personal stuff too.


Santa Baby – Mistletoe, North Pole: My red line edit is almost done. I’m on chapter 25 out of 30. I haven’t worked on it this weekend (see personal stuff later in this blog) but it WILL be done before next weekend.

Taylor – Paranormal Operations, Inc.: No new update on this one. I know where it’s going and how it will end. This is the book that I was thinking about when I attended the SFR Brigade panel called The Dangerous, The Devious, and The Irresistible at RT 2016. I have two characters that fall into the “bad guy” category. One is just so evil that I have no desire to rehabilitate him. From chapter one he’s just evil. But the second? Yeah I can see him being “saved” from his bad side. Would he turn lily white good? Doubtful. It comes down to was he born “bad? Or was it because of how and who raised him? 

Demon – Incubus MC:  No real update on this one either. I did start making notes about a second book under the Incubus MC title. That one would be about Demon’s brother, Viper. Since Viper is introduced in the first few chapters of Demon’s story, I wanted to make sure I got some stuff down about him.

Dark World Warriors – Tarkir: My SciFi romance novel and I’m NOT happy with what I had done on this one. True it’s just barely started (830 words) but if I’m not happy with it at this stage I need to reevaluate where I want this story to go. Right now it has a kind of YA vibe to it (at least to me) and that’s not where I want this story to go. I messed around with for a while last night and was still feeling meh about it. I’ll just have to see what develops with it.

Kai and KekipiA Hawaiian Legends Short Story: I haven’t worked on this for a while. I started it when we were in Hilo, Hawaii last October. It only going to be about 4-5 chapters and is done in sort of narrative style. I have 2 and half chapters done so far.

The following are short stories and the like. I’m thinking of adding them (as downloads) to this blog.:

Last Christmas – Short Christmas story.

Tutu Lady’s Unicorn, The Jester, and Blackbeard Inc – These are more like flash fiction. Very short and based on some word prompt challenges from Ryan Lanz over at A Writer’s Path blog. If I do a download of these, I’ll bundle them.


On the personal side:

Hubby had surgery a week ago last Friday. He’s doing great. He’s hoping to go back to work this Wed. This past week or so I’ve been trying to be more of a Florence Nightingale instead of a Nurse Ratched. I think I’ve mostly succeeded. I do know I seem to be a lot more tried this week.

At work we packed up our cubes in the cube farm, unplugged our slot machines and computers and moved to a “swing” space while they remodel the second floor of our building. They moved us to one big room with one door, no windows and makeshift desks. We’ll be down in this “dungeon” for about 3 months before moving back to the second floor.





Book Cover Play Time

Today was a short one for me at work. We have to move our work area to a temp space for 3 months. Hubby is still home recovering from his knee surgery so it’s hard to get a block of time to work on any of my writing projects at home. So I decide to make a book cover.

Once I get my paranormal MC WIP (Demon-Incubus MC) finished (that may be awhile. I only have six chapters written) I plan to do at least 2-3 more. The second one will be about Demon’s brother, Viper.

I made a temp cover (I think having some kind of visual helps my writing) for Demon so I thought I’d make one for Viper.  I don’t anything written for Viper yet but I do have page of notes for his story. So here is what I came up with. As I said…it’s a temp, a visual to help me write his story.

Viper Incubus MC

Santa Baby Redline Edit Update

Even with a lot going on (work projects, RT 2016, and my whole work group moving) I have been able to edit 24 chapters (our of 30 and a Epilogue) in Santa Baby. Once I have it all done I’ll run the whole thing through text to speech to see how it flows. It’s not been easy to edit. I cut some stuff out, added some stuff, cleared up some stuff, and found some missing words. Hubby will be happy when I’m done. He thinks he’s getting his wife back. LOL


2016 RT Booklovers Convention – Update

It was so worth the money I paid to attend this year’s RT Booklovers Convention. Not only did a learn a lot about writing but I met and made some new friends. I am a member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade (SFR Brigade) Facebook group. It’s full of friendly people that are great authors too.

And on Thursday I got to meet some of these people in person and attend some informative panels that will impact my writing in good ways. But right…there’s more! I also met two of my favorite writers (that aren’t part of the Facebook group).

So I arrived at the Rio Hotel and Casino at about 9 AM. I picked up my Thursday Only wrist band and wandered into the convention area. After some back and forth messaging with Pauline Baird Jones we found each other. I can’t say how thankful I was to hang with her for the day. She mentored me through panels, info fairs, and author signings. She was treasure trove of information and sound advice for really getting this done (this being writing and getting published).

First up was a SciFi panel event hosted by the SFR Brigade. It was called The Dangerous, The Devious, and The Irresistible. The Moderator was Linnea Sinclair with M. D. Waters, Isabo Kelly, Janet Miller, Colby Hodge, and Donna Frelick setting on the panel. It was a lively hour discussion about bad guys and how or even if they can be redeemed. I was really interested in this topic since I have not one, but two “bad” guys in my WIP, Taylor -Paranormal Operations, Inc. One is just so far gone to the dark side that he can’t be redeemed. The other…well…yeah he could be redeemed at some point. But do I want too? I had wondered if having two bad guys was too much. After the panel, I’m good with going ahead with the bad guy duo.



We went a Social Media fair where most, if not all, of the different social media types were there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It was interesting, but you really don’t need to all of them. Pick one or two, maybe three and stick with those.

After that we went a book signing in Club RT (a huge room with tables for authors to meet fans). I met Veronica Scott. She’s is part of SFR Brigade and so nice.

The other panel we went to was for Kobo. They are kind of the Amazon of Canada (only they just do books). Kobo has more counties that they can sell to than Amazon and it sounded like they were easier to use and more attuned to the writers needs. Lots of really good info there.

At the Kobe panel I met another SFR Brigade member, Kyndra Hatch. And she’s local! We exchanged info so we can get together sometime.

I also met (Ok…more like ran into at the restroom) Eve Langlais. She writes with a great sense of humor and kick butt heroes/heroines. And I’m now the proud owner of black, frilly Minions (and NOT the cute little yellow ones!) apron.

Paige Taylor writes exciting books about paranormal cops and special ops agents. I was able to meet and talk to her for a few minutes ate the Social Media fair. I kind of fan girled out but she was OK with that. LOL

In between all of the above was lots of talking with Pauline about the ins and outs of being a writer and getting published. She had lots of good advice and was very encouraging. In fact everyone I met was that way.

Overall I’m so glad I went to RT 2016. I was way out of my comfort zone in doing this. I mean these women are the writers I buy and read. They work hard at their craft. They are the rock stars of romance writing.  But you know what? They are human beings too. I found everyone I talked to and spent time with to be warm, personable, and just as happy to see the fans as the fans were to see them.

I only have one small regret…I didn’t see any real life hot, hunky cover models! Oh well…maybe next time!