Excerpt: Paranormal Operations, Inc: Taylor


“Mo Ghrá” He whispered into her hair “Mo Maité do Eternity.”

My Mate.” Taylor sighed into Devon’s chest. “My love. Yours for all of eternity.”

This is from about 1/3 of the way into chapter 18. Who knew two people making love could be so “loud”!


Devon groaned as the insistent ringing of his phone on the nightstand penetrated his sleep-fogged mind. Deciding to ignore whoever was trying to call, he tightened his arms around Taylor, drawing her closer. Taylor’s soft, warm body settled into his arms, her head tucked into his chest as she slept. The phone stopped ringing and with a sigh he started to drift back into sleep only to start it’s shrill screeching again.

“Christ!” he swore rolling over slightly, groping with one hand for it. Taylor released a soft sigh at the loss of his arm around her. He swiped the screen with his thumb before bringing it near his ear. A glance at the woman that had been lying in his arms showed she was now awake. His breath caught in his throat. God, she was so beautiful when she woke up, he thought.

“Who is it?” Taylor’s voice was husky with sleep, her eyes soft. Devon frowned, the voice bellowing from the phone capturing his attention. He focused on the voice, Shay’s voice, the meaning of his boss’s words now becoming clear. He was loud enough that even Taylor could overhear him.

“Do you two what the hell you did last night?” Shay asked tersely, his voice now at a more manageable level. Devon blinked at the question and saw her face flush red. Obviously, she could still hear Shay’s voice.

“What the hell do you mean; do we know what we did last night?” Devon answered his boss’s question with one of his own. “It’s not anyone’s business what had happened between me and Taylor last night.”

“The HELL it’s NOT.” Shay shot back. “Every paranormal across the Realms know you two completed the mating bond.” Taylor groaned, rolling away from him and burying her head in her pillow. “It sent a fucking tsunami of power through all of us!”

‘Aw…FUCK!” Devon swiped his now free hand over his face. If every paranormal had felt that release of power—“Regan.” His voice laced with ice at the uttered name.

“No Shit!” Shay replied curtly.

“Can anyone trace it back to here?” He watched as Taylor rolled to the edge of the bed and stood, walking naked to the bathroom. He watched the sway of her tight ass until she disappeared from sight.

“I don’t know. Someone would need a damn strong Dowser to trace it back here.” Shay paused. “If Taylor wasn’t a known target before, she is now. I’m betting that Regan will have Dowser looking for soon, if he doesn’t already.”