Excerpt: Paranormal Operations, Inc – Taylor

I’m back to working on Taylor and Devon’s story. After I finished Mistletoe, NP – Santa Baby I started hearing Taylor telling me they were ready to make an appearance again. I had left off at chapter 17. I reread that chapter and changed some things around. Move some of what I had started of chapter 18 to the end of 17. So now I have a good start to chapter 18. This is that start.

In the far north of the island, William Regan stood in his study, a glass of Knappogue Castle 1951 whiskey in his hand. He smiled down at the amber liquid; this was one of the oldest and rarest whiskeys in the world. He raised the glass to his lips in anticipation of the rich smooth flow of the whiskey over his tongue. Before he could take that first sip, a wash of magical power flowed over him, through him; he staggered under the force of it, then froze for a split second as the glass slipped from his fingers.

“What the FUCK?” he muttered harshly. He looked down where the glass had landed on its side and stepped over the mess, not caring that the whiskey was soaking into the rug under his feet. Someone else would clean it up. He turned and reached for the cell phone on the desk behind him. He needed a Dowser. After punching in a short series of numbers, he waited for someone on the other end to pick up.

Dowsers were individuals with the power to locate objects or people simply by using their magic. The best Dowsers had a small amount of Fae in them. A Fae dowser was more accurate and faster than a human one. However, there were only a handful of Fae dowsers and all were guarded in the Fae realm. No, William had to use human Dowsers. They were easier to steal and much easier to bend to his will. Too bad his most adept Dowser had disappeared on that pick up that had gone wrong in the south.

William listened as the phone rang on the other end. “Fucking assholes,” he cursed under his breath when his call straight to voice mail. There was always someone in the security office. He pulled the phone from his ear, ending the call and hit redial. “Pick up the damn phone!” he muttered as he waited for someone to answer. At last, it picked up and this time someone actually answered. William didn’t give the man on the other end a chance to say anything before he stated ranting.

“Who the fuck is this?” he snarled. “And why the hell did no one answer the first time I called?” It sounded like the man on the other end gulped before speaking.

“Um…Boss?” The man’s voice sounded young, high and squeaky. “It’s…it’s…Seamus. Seamus McGuire. ”

“Where the hell is Francis?” William demanded, his voice icy. He expected Francis or Wallace to be available when he needed them.