Dark World Warriors-Tarkir

Something I’ve started and had on the back burner.

Illuminated only by the lights from the consoles, the small bridge crew worked silently at their posts. Stars, dotting the darkness, were mere blurs as the speedy Zenith class ship sliced through space. Standing in front of the Captain’s chair, Sh’alana Rai’lyn, First Daughter of King Aa’ron Rai’lyn, was motionless, her eyes never moving from the large viewing port across the bridge from where she stood.
The brief demand was answered with short, terse replies from the crew surrounding her.

“Tactical ready.”

“Navigation on course.”

“Scanning for target.”

“Engineering normal.”

There was no need for Sh’alana to respond. The small crew had severed under her on the much larger Reaver class battlecruiser, Invader. She had asked for volunteers for this mission and had been pleased when the four brightest from her crew had stepped forward. Each crewmember aboard the small, sleek lightcruiser Scythe understood the reason for this mission. They also understood and accepted that it would likely be a one-way trip. The future of their home world Acriea depended on the outcome of it.

Astronomers on Acriea had discovered a moving darkness in space, at the far reaches of their galaxy. At first it was thought to be a rouge asteroid, drawn into the Lel’eiona galaxy by the pull of its twin suns. But as time passed, those watching the object grew alarmed. They could see nothing in the Darkness. No light was seen escaping from it; it was a black void in space. One that seemed to be accelerating, on a direct path to Acriea. As it journeyed across space, it crossed paths with a small, ice encased planet on the outer fringes of the galaxy.

Instead of impacting with the small planet, it flowed over and around it, like a slow moving mud flow. As the ice planet disappeared from those watching from afar, a brief white flash flared. Then nothing; only the Darkness now moving at a faster pace. The astronomers at the Academy of Sciences tracking the Darkness couldn’t decide what it was. Most thought it was massive debris field of some distant star that had imploded. But a few of the younger scientists believed it was artificially created. A weapon maybe? The Darkness swallowed anything in its path leaving nothing but blackness in its wake.

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