Excerpt: Paranormal Operations, Inc: Taylor


“Mo Ghrá” He whispered into her hair “Mo Maité do Eternity.”

My Mate.” Taylor sighed into Devon’s chest. “My love. Yours for all of eternity.”

This is from about 1/3 of the way into chapter 18. Who knew two people making love could be so “loud”!


Devon groaned as the insistent ringing of his phone on the nightstand penetrated his sleep-fogged mind. Deciding to ignore whoever was trying to call, he tightened his arms around Taylor, drawing her closer. Taylor’s soft, warm body settled into his arms, her head tucked into his chest as she slept. The phone stopped ringing and with a sigh he started to drift back into sleep only to start it’s shrill screeching again.

“Christ!” he swore rolling over slightly, groping with one hand for it. Taylor released a soft sigh at the loss of his arm around her. He swiped the screen with his thumb before bringing it near his ear. A glance at the woman that had been lying in his arms showed she was now awake. His breath caught in his throat. God, she was so beautiful when she woke up, he thought.

“Who is it?” Taylor’s voice was husky with sleep, her eyes soft. Devon frowned, the voice bellowing from the phone capturing his attention. He focused on the voice, Shay’s voice, the meaning of his boss’s words now becoming clear. He was loud enough that even Taylor could overhear him.

“Do you two what the hell you did last night?” Shay asked tersely, his voice now at a more manageable level. Devon blinked at the question and saw her face flush red. Obviously, she could still hear Shay’s voice.

“What the hell do you mean; do we know what we did last night?” Devon answered his boss’s question with one of his own. “It’s not anyone’s business what had happened between me and Taylor last night.”

“The HELL it’s NOT.” Shay shot back. “Every paranormal across the Realms know you two completed the mating bond.” Taylor groaned, rolling away from him and burying her head in her pillow. “It sent a fucking tsunami of power through all of us!”

‘Aw…FUCK!” Devon swiped his now free hand over his face. If every paranormal had felt that release of power—“Regan.” His voice laced with ice at the uttered name.

“No Shit!” Shay replied curtly.

“Can anyone trace it back to here?” He watched as Taylor rolled to the edge of the bed and stood, walking naked to the bathroom. He watched the sway of her tight ass until she disappeared from sight.

“I don’t know. Someone would need a damn strong Dowser to trace it back here.” Shay paused. “If Taylor wasn’t a known target before, she is now. I’m betting that Regan will have Dowser looking for soon, if he doesn’t already.”

Time To Edit

It’s time to start the first edit on Santa Baby, the first in what I hope will be the Mistletoe, North Pole series of books.

We went to Starbucks (hubby and I) for coffee. While we sat there I worked on chapter 1 (I have the whole thing printed out and in a binder). I changed some dialogue, removed some of the words for what, to me, seems like better flow, etc.

I’m finding out that editing is hard. You  (I) have a hard time letting go of any of your (my) precious words.

This is going to hurt!


Santa Baby

Excerpt: Paranormal Operations, Inc – Taylor

I’m back to working on Taylor and Devon’s story. After I finished Mistletoe, NP – Santa Baby I started hearing Taylor telling me they were ready to make an appearance again. I had left off at chapter 17. I reread that chapter and changed some things around. Move some of what I had started of chapter 18 to the end of 17. So now I have a good start to chapter 18. This is that start.

In the far north of the island, William Regan stood in his study, a glass of Knappogue Castle 1951 whiskey in his hand. He smiled down at the amber liquid; this was one of the oldest and rarest whiskeys in the world. He raised the glass to his lips in anticipation of the rich smooth flow of the whiskey over his tongue. Before he could take that first sip, a wash of magical power flowed over him, through him; he staggered under the force of it, then froze for a split second as the glass slipped from his fingers.

“What the FUCK?” he muttered harshly. He looked down where the glass had landed on its side and stepped over the mess, not caring that the whiskey was soaking into the rug under his feet. Someone else would clean it up. He turned and reached for the cell phone on the desk behind him. He needed a Dowser. After punching in a short series of numbers, he waited for someone on the other end to pick up.

Dowsers were individuals with the power to locate objects or people simply by using their magic. The best Dowsers had a small amount of Fae in them. A Fae dowser was more accurate and faster than a human one. However, there were only a handful of Fae dowsers and all were guarded in the Fae realm. No, William had to use human Dowsers. They were easier to steal and much easier to bend to his will. Too bad his most adept Dowser had disappeared on that pick up that had gone wrong in the south.

William listened as the phone rang on the other end. “Fucking assholes,” he cursed under his breath when his call straight to voice mail. There was always someone in the security office. He pulled the phone from his ear, ending the call and hit redial. “Pick up the damn phone!” he muttered as he waited for someone to answer. At last, it picked up and this time someone actually answered. William didn’t give the man on the other end a chance to say anything before he stated ranting.

“Who the fuck is this?” he snarled. “And why the hell did no one answer the first time I called?” It sounded like the man on the other end gulped before speaking.

“Um…Boss?” The man’s voice sounded young, high and squeaky. “It’s…it’s…Seamus. Seamus McGuire. ”

“Where the hell is Francis?” William demanded, his voice icy. He expected Francis or Wallace to be available when he needed them.

Dark World Warriors-Tarkir

Something I’ve started and had on the back burner.

Illuminated only by the lights from the consoles, the small bridge crew worked silently at their posts. Stars, dotting the darkness, were mere blurs as the speedy Zenith class ship sliced through space. Standing in front of the Captain’s chair, Sh’alana Rai’lyn, First Daughter of King Aa’ron Rai’lyn, was motionless, her eyes never moving from the large viewing port across the bridge from where she stood.
The brief demand was answered with short, terse replies from the crew surrounding her.

“Tactical ready.”

“Navigation on course.”

“Scanning for target.”

“Engineering normal.”

There was no need for Sh’alana to respond. The small crew had severed under her on the much larger Reaver class battlecruiser, Invader. She had asked for volunteers for this mission and had been pleased when the four brightest from her crew had stepped forward. Each crewmember aboard the small, sleek lightcruiser Scythe understood the reason for this mission. They also understood and accepted that it would likely be a one-way trip. The future of their home world Acriea depended on the outcome of it.

Astronomers on Acriea had discovered a moving darkness in space, at the far reaches of their galaxy. At first it was thought to be a rouge asteroid, drawn into the Lel’eiona galaxy by the pull of its twin suns. But as time passed, those watching the object grew alarmed. They could see nothing in the Darkness. No light was seen escaping from it; it was a black void in space. One that seemed to be accelerating, on a direct path to Acriea. As it journeyed across space, it crossed paths with a small, ice encased planet on the outer fringes of the galaxy.

Instead of impacting with the small planet, it flowed over and around it, like a slow moving mud flow. As the ice planet disappeared from those watching from afar, a brief white flash flared. Then nothing; only the Darkness now moving at a faster pace. The astronomers at the Academy of Sciences tracking the Darkness couldn’t decide what it was. Most thought it was massive debris field of some distant star that had imploded. But a few of the younger scientists believed it was artificially created. A weapon maybe? The Darkness swallowed anything in its path leaving nothing but blackness in its wake.

Pseudonyms: The What, Why, and How of Pen Names

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Interesting topic. I toyed with the idea of using a Pen name but decide to stick with my real name.

A Writer's Path


Pseudonyms…pen names.

I guess before I jump in, an explanation is in order. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a pseudonym under which I’d like to publish a series of romance novels. No joke. So I figured I’d explore the idea of pseudonyms and take you along for the ride.

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Quick WIP Update

Just a quick update on my WIPs. I’ve been sick so not a whole lot has gotten done.

Mistletoe North Pole- Santa Baby: First draft is DONE. I’ve printed the whole thing out and laid it aside for a few weeks to clear it from my mind. Then I’ll do a read through from start to finish and start my red line edits. Should be…interesting…as I’ve never done any kind of editing before. Next will come finding a REAL editor and a book cover designer.  Last worked on 02/29/2016.  30 Chapters/40,863 Words

Incubus MC – Demon: I started a major rewrite on chapters 3 and 4. I wasn’t really happy with them. For a MC story they seemed a bit tame. Now through they may be a bit too dark. I’ll finish them and see where I end up. I had just started chapter 6 when I went on the rewrite frenzy.                                                                                                                                     Last worked on 03/02/2016. 6 Chapters/4,725 Words

Kai and Kekipi – A Hawaiian Legends Short Story: Slowly building this story. I can see the ending of this one and now it’s just a matter of following the road map in my mind to get there.                                                                                                                                                               Last worked on 02/11/2016.  3 Chapters/1,760 Words

Paranormal Operations, Inc. – Taylor: The WIP that started all of this. I haven’t touched this one since June of 2015.A couple of things happened that led to this story being set aside for a while. One is that I really needed to get a story done (at least in draft form) by Nov 2015 to keep my RWA (Romance Writers of America) voting status. Knowing that I’d planned for Santa Baby to be a lot shorter then Taylor’s story, I opted to work on Santa Baby (and still missed the Nov deadline for RWA!). But the second thing was that the characters had gone quiet in my mind. They weren’t talking to me. But in the last month or so I’ve been hearing rumbling from them again. I’ll see where that leads me. I will be back to this story because I DO have some good/bad things planned for it.                            Last worked on 06/09/2015.  18 Chapters/57,504 Words

These are the stories (both short and prompts) that are done:

Tutu Lady’s Unicorn – July 2015

The Jester – June 2015

Last Christmas – June 2015

Blackbird, Inc. – January 2015


So there it is. Where I’m at today. I also have a new story ideas list that I keep adding too. Like I said, I’ve been down with a respiratory infection for a few weeks and between my day job and a lot of sleeping, the writing has been hit and miss (mostly miss right now). But I’m not giving up! So stay tuned!