Excerpt: Santa Baby Chapter 30

“Christian Alexander Kringle!” Chris looked down as his mom, wearing a bright pink snowsuit, stepped around his dad and inserted herself between the two men. Her use of his full name was never a good thing. “You do NOT greet someone like that! Didn’t I teach better?” She squeezed her way between the two tall men, planting her hands on her hips. She paused, waiting for him to answer her. When none was forthcoming, she huffed out a sigh, the breath seeping through her face scarf to fog in the cold air. She pushed past Chris with a muttered “It’s cold out here!”

“Sorry mom.” Chris looked a bit sheepish as he moved to let his dad follow his mom into the cabin. A sound came from the stairway behind him where Jamie stood on the bottom step. She wore one of t-shirts. It hit her mid-thigh, showing off her shapely legs, the neckline drooping off one shoulder. Her hair was tangled and her lips swollen. She had the glow of a woman well loved.

“Oh, my!” Claire stood in the middle of the room, unzipping her parka, her eyes bouncing from Jamie to Chris. “Did we interrupt something?” She tried to sound contrite but the huge grin on her face spoiled it.

“Well hell,” Kristopher muttered opening his parka as well and looking at his petite mate. “Of course we’ve interrupted something. They’ve been locked in here for a day and half! What did you think they were doing sweetie?” His smile took away any heat in his words.


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