Excerpt: Santa Baby Chapter 29

A low groan escaped Jamie as she stirred, her body sore in multiple spots from their night of passion. After they had bonded last night, Chris had carried her up to his room on the second floor. The fire in the large fireplace had cast a warming glow over room. A king size bed sat against one wall, facing a huge picture window and massive deck. Those were the only details Jamie registered before Chris placed her on the bed, covering her body with his. The night became one of passionate lovemaking, with one orgasm rolling into another for her.

The room around the bed was chilly, the fire now just glowing embers. Jamie shivered and the strong arms wrapped around her tightened. Eyes still closed, she smiled at the possessiveness of those arms. She snuggled deeper into the body next to her wiggling her ass until it nestled in her mate’s groin. She sighed and smiled again. He was hard, his cock poking her, ready to resume where they had stopped last night. A growl sounded in her ear.

“Keep that up baby, and we won’t make it out of bed today.” His voice was low and raspy as his lips grazed her neck. Jamie melted as he opened his mouth over the pulse in her throat. Oh God, she thought as he sucked gently, I could get used to waking up like this every morning. Chris chuckled against her skin. “Oh, we will sweetheart,” his words made her shiver with need. “You’re mine now. I plan to do this,” his hands cupped her ass as he thrust his hard cock between her ass cheeks, “every morning for the rest of lives.”



“Keep that up baby, and we won’t make out of bed today.”