Excerpt from Santa Baby, Chapter 27 (NSFW)

“NOW,” He demanded, his voice horse. “Come for me NOW, Jamie!” He dropped his head and took her lips in a rough, demanding kiss. His tongue filled her mouth, just as his cock would soon fill her pussy.

Jamie screamed as the knot of pleasure exploded deep inside of her as her orgasm ripped through her. It seemed to go on for ever, her body trembling as wave after wave rushed through her.

“Easy baby,” he dropped his head, his voice rough in her ear. He nipped the outer shell of her ear, bending forward and laying her out on the fur spread. Setting back on his heels, Chris looked at Jamie, spread out in front of him, her body flushed a soft pink from her orgasm. The multi-colored lights from the nearby tree mixed with the glow of the fire danced over her sweat slicked body.


Jamie shivered, seeing the need etched on his face as his eyes locked with hers. The fire burning in their depths sent a delicious curl of heat straight to her core. His voice a low growl, his words almost sent her over the edge again.

“You. Are. Fucking. MINE.”


Yeah I’ve been absent from here for a week or so. I took time off from work between Christmas Eve and New Years. I wanted to work on my WIP (Santa Baby) and I did, just not as much as I had wanted to. So what DID I do? I vegged. I slept in until 7 or 7:30 Am each day, I went to Starbucks each day, I read each day. I organized my Kindle Library. I disconnected from most forms of social media. Oh I peeked at Facebook and Twitter but I didn’t post a lot. Hubby loved having me home when he got there from work (normally I get home after him). So I didn’t get a lot done on Santa Baby. But I had such a stress free week that I’m OK with that.

But like I said, I did do a little work on Santa Baby. I’m smack dab in the middle of the hot love scene. It may take two chapters to get through it. I only have the one real one in the book, toward the end. There are a few “hot” spots throughout the the story though. Just a heads up to my beta reader. So question now…when I get it done, do I post it here as an excerpt?

Other projects I want to get back too. My Hawaiian story, the Incubus MC story, Taylor and Devon’s story, and I have a few new ideas. But fiorst is getting SB done.

So much I want to do in 2016 with my writing!