Excerpt from Santa Baby Chapter 25

Chapter 25 is done! And here’s a excerpt from it. Enjoy!


“Want to fill me in on the Frost thing, son?” The elder Kringle asked as he and Chris left the debriefing room and walked out into the hanger bay.

Chris sighed, he’d have to fill in the events of the last week or so for his dad. The man may be retired, but he still had a vested interest in North Pole, Inc.

“Now?” Chris stopped, turning to face his father. All he wanted was to meet Jamie, take her home and make her his mate in every sense of the word.

Kristopher Kringle looked into his son’s eyes, seeing the glow of the growing mating urge and frustration at the delay in getting to his mate. It was a look Kristopher knew well. He still had that same need for his Claire after all their decades together.

“No son, it can wait.” he slapped Chris on the shoulder. “Go, rescue your Jamie. I’m sure where ever she is, you’ll find your mother. By now your mother will have told her everything about your childhood.”

Chris closed his eyes and repeated his earlier “I’m so screwed!” under his breath. His dad laughed, the deep rumble of mirth that children the world over would recognize.

” Dad, I have to go.” he muttered as he opened his eyes, his attention drawn back to the door to Flight Ops. Turning, he started for the open doorway, leaving his dad standing in the middle of the flight bay.

“Tell your mother I’ll meet her at the big house,” the older man called after him. “She’s on my Naughty List!” He added with a wicked grin.