Something that came to me last night.

Something that came to me last night. It wasn’t the best night I’ve had since being in Hilo. A few nightmares. But this story idea came to me. I’ve only just started it, I wanted to get a general beginning down.

Kai and Kekipi

The ebb and flow of the outgoing tide left a luminescent fringe of foam on the black sand of Punalu’u Beach. A soft mist of rain washed down from the gray twilight sky as a solitary figure of a woman stood on the wet sand, the water washing over her bare feet. Dressed in a plain green sarong, her arms wrapped around her full body, she gazed out over the rolling sea. Lost in her memories the tears falling from her rich brown eyes dripped into the moving water. They merged with the salty water washing her pain, hurt, and despair out to sea.

Kai came home to tend to the wounds of her broken heart. She left the island of Hawaii right after graduating high school. At the time, marrying her high school sweetheart of two years was all that she wanted. John and his parents came to the small town of Pahala from Boston. His father taught at their high school in Ka’u and his mother was a freelance writer. John singled out Kai from the start of their junior year. She was slim, with sparkling brown eyes, and shiny black hair that hung well past her bottom. She basked in the attention of this blond, blue eyed haole boy and before the school year was over she’d fallen in love with him. John came ever day of summer break to her parents’ small coffee farm. Even then he was a tall, well-built young man. He helped her father each day while flirting with her, deepening the bond that tied her heart to his.

By the time school started again in the fall, they had become inseparable. While John would sometimes hint that he wanted to make love to her, Kai was adamant that she would come to him a virgin on their wedding night. In her mind, they would marry, live in Pahala and have at least three keiki. John seemed to understand her wishes and never forced the issue. They went through their senior year as a couple, attending dances, sporting events, and spending time at her parents. Never once did it seem odd that they never went to John’s home. Oh, she had seen his parents several times at school and they were always distant when dealing with their only child. The few times in two years Kai had met them, they had been cold to her, as if she wasn’t good enough for John. A tiny warning voice in the back of her mind whispered this was sign of something not right. Lost in the love she felt for John, she pushed the voice away, burying it so far back in her mind that she could no longer hear it.

One night, two weeks after graduation, John had taken her to Punalu’u Beach at sunset. Kai’s body tingled with anticipation; her heart telling her this was THE moment she had been dreaming of for two years. John spread a blanket on the black sand before dropping to one knee. Taking both of Kai’s hands into one of his large ones, he looked into her eyes and asked her to marry him. In his other hand, he held up a small box where a gold band with a tiny diamond nestled in silk rested. With a squeal, Kai said yes, throwing her arms around John’s neck, squeezing until he released a strangled laugh. Time pasted in a blur after that. Kai and John had a small family wedding on the beach. Her whole family attended but John’s parents refused to come. The young couple, while hurt, decide to not let John’s missing parents cloud the start of their life together. It was soon after the wedding that John decided he wanted to attend law school. Kai assumed he would attend the University of Hawaii in Honolulu and while saddened at the thought of leaving her family and life in Pahala, she was ready to go where her love needed to be.
John’s parents, until now having nothing to do with the young couple, invited John to dinner to discuss his plans. Kai wasn’t invited. Deep down the slight hurt, but loving John as she did, she put aside the hurt and let him go alone. All evening she fretted, knowing that her In Laws disliked her marriage to John. What were they talking about? She trusted in John’s love, but that faint voice that she’d buried long ago was sounding a warning.