From Hawaii – Writing On A Plane


     My Mother In Law passed away last week, so we are in Hawaii right now.She was such a little firecracker, she will be missed greatly by everyone, family and friends. We love Mom Keehne!

    We flew in from Las Vegas yesterday. It was a 6 hour flight. I spent the whole flight working on Santa Baby. First on my tablet and when the battery got so low, I switched to hubby’s tablet. In all I did 906 words. Not bad!

The above image is the view from out hotel room.

2 thoughts on “From Hawaii – Writing On A Plane

    • 130 a night and thats a good deal for Hilo. Chuck’s daughter pulled some stings for us. It’s a huge room with a view of Hilo Bay and Coconut Island (the little one in the picture). Still kind of basic. Mini fridge, phone, etc. They charge 10 a day for wifi but we have our own Hotspot so don’t use the hotel’s.


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