Working on chapter 18. Here’s a excerpt.

I’m about 1/3 of the way through chapter 18. I can see the end in sight for Santa Baby. At least the first draft of the story. I’m really excited about this chapter. I’m hoping it says something about human nature when our loved ones are threatened. Enjoy this excerpt and feel free to leave comments!

After what could have been an hour or just minutes she heard a scraping sound from her left. Twisting her head, Jamie caught a movement in the shadows. A figure came into view, dragging something. Jackson Frost. But what is he dragging… floated through her mind, Oh my god, is that a body?

“Chris!” His name came out on a panicked crock. “No…no…no!” Her tear filled eyes followed Frost as he dragged the large body toward her, dropping it in front of where she stood chained. No! Please…not Chris. Please don’t let it be Chris! She cried silently. Her eyes took in the still form, bundled up in bulky outer wear, not registering for a minute the body’s size.

“No.” He sneered, kicking the body, so it rolled to its back. “It’s not Kringle.” Jamie’s eyes widened. It’s not Chris! Relief flashed through her mind for a second before recognition set in. She drew in a sharp breath, Oh my god!

“RUDY!” She gasped out. She strained to see if he was breathing. But the lack of light made it hard see if his chest moved under all the layers he wore. “Is he…please…tell me he’s not-“ her eyes came up to meet Frost’s pale cold blue gaze.

“Dead?” He finished for her. “No, he’s just drugged. I thought he’d make an excellent added incentive for Kringle when he arrives.” He looked, giving her a cold smile. “I used your phone to send him a picture of this one,” he nodded at Rudy’s form, “knowing it would add to his need to show up here.” He walked toward her, stopping just short of his body touching hers. His eyes glittered with a maniacal light as he looked down at her.