WIP Update Aug 21, 2015.

I finished chapter 16 of Santa Baby, sent to my BFF who is also my beta reader. She always does a great job on reading and giving me feedback. And boy do I want feedback! She’s the BEST! So now it’s on to chapter 17. I feel I’m getting close to the end of this story. But we’ll see.

Santa baby!!

I took the last two days off of Santa Baby and did some work on my biker WIP. It’s title (so far…it could change. Or not!) is Incubus MC: Demon. This one is still in the early stages. It’s going to be a rough, gritty kind of story. Still a romance though. d2abc506002b37b211be86d5d4e3319f

And now who comes knocking in my head? It’s Taylor and Devon! Back from wherever they’ve been hiding. So I have a lot on my writing plate, plus I’m still getting story ideas.

But first I have to just finish SOMETHING!


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