Santa Baby Chapter 17 is done.

The stage is set for the big showdown. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 17.

Chris slammed his snowmobile to a stop at the base of the stairs leading to Jamie’s apartment. Looking up, he saw the door standing wide open. Light spilled from the open door. He jumped from the still rumbling machine and sprang for the bottom step. Before he landed on the first step, he jerked to a stop. He looked down and saw a white gloved hand gripping his forearm. Chris turned his head, locking eyes with Sig Olson, commander of the North Pole Security Force. He pulled his face mask up to speak.

“What the hell Olson?” he growled, each word visible as puffs in the cold air. He hadn’t heard Olson’s machine come to a stop next to his.

“I know you’re worried about Ms. Winter, Chris,” the big man had pulled his mask up too. “But you need to let me do my job. We don’t know what’s waiting for us inside.” He nodded his head once at the open door at the top of the stairs. “I’ll go up and check it out first.”

Chris scowled but nodded knowing Sig was right. A sound from the left caught both men’s attention. Sig let go of Chris’s arm, and both of them turned in that direction. They stood tense, ready for whatever threat was coming.

WIP Update Aug 21, 2015.

I finished chapter 16 of Santa Baby, sent to my BFF who is also my beta reader. She always does a great job on reading and giving me feedback. And boy do I want feedback! She’s the BEST! So now it’s on to chapter 17. I feel I’m getting close to the end of this story. But we’ll see.

Santa baby!!

I took the last two days off of Santa Baby and did some work on my biker WIP. It’s title (so far…it could change. Or not!) is Incubus MC: Demon. This one is still in the early stages. It’s going to be a rough, gritty kind of story. Still a romance though. d2abc506002b37b211be86d5d4e3319f

And now who comes knocking in my head? It’s Taylor and Devon! Back from wherever they’ve been hiding. So I have a lot on my writing plate, plus I’m still getting story ideas.

But first I have to just finish SOMETHING!


blackboard_writers_block-680I’ve been struggling with chapter 16 of my current WIP (Santa baby). I had it almost done. But when I read what I had down…well…my bad guy was just snaky. There was no sense of menace to him. My heroine was stronger than him, even chained to his bed. I didn’t like him.
What to do?
I changed him altogether. Made him meaner, crazier, and snarling in fact. And you know what? I still didn’t like him! Dayummmmmm!
Again, what to do?
I rewrote the last half of the chapter. He’s still a bad guy, but toned down. Now he’s reading (at least to me) kind of in the middle.
I hope to have this chapter done this week.