So…Funny Story

I posted Tutu Lady’s Unicorn on my Facebook page. I even made a cover for it! I’ve been trying to get some stuff (short stories, flash fiction, poems out there) out there to the public to gage people’s reactions to my writing.

Now I’ve been talking to my sweet hubby about my writing since I started doing it last Nov. He’s been mostly encouraging. But Friday evening he looked at me and said “I read you Tutu Lady story. It was good. I didn’t realize how good you were at that writing stuff. OK so that’s a summery of what he said. He was surprised.  I had to chuckle at him. He was so sincere in his prise of it and so genuinely surprised at my writing. You just gotta love him!

Here’s the cover I made for the story:

Tutu Ladys Unicorn

I did one for my Last Christmas short story:

last xmas_lrg

2 thoughts on “So…Funny Story

  1. Now wait a minute. I thought the lady in the Christmas one was older. I’m confused. Didn’t I just ask you that? I LOVE the unicorn one. Beautiful colors. Well at least Chuck bothers to READ your stuff. God forbid I should even get a yeah, that’s nice, for anything from HL here!


    • She is. She’s 60. But not old hag like. Covers are tricky things I’m finding out. Any image that is used has to be free or paid for. I got a deal at a stock photo site for 100 of my choice. This one came the closet to that winter feeling with a woman in it that was some 20 something blonde. 🙂


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