Mistletoe, North Pole – Santa Baby synopsis

Welcome to Mistletoe, North Pole. A small town hidden away at the top of the world where the summers are short, and the winters are long. And Christmas is what the town does best.
Jamie Winters’s life was just about perfect. Growing up as part of a loving family living in the green of the Pacific Northwest, she had her life planned out. Until one night just before Christmas, fate stepped and took everyone she loved from her. Years later she finds herself in Mistletoe, working as a waitress at Rudy’s Diner alongside her best friend, Kandy. Jamie’s not looking for love, but in a place like Mistletoe, you never know what you’ll find all wrapped up with a bow.
Christen Kringle never expected to find his mate in Mistletoe. Having been born and raised in the small town, everyone was like family. Then one night after work he meets his crew at Rudy’s. One look at the curvy brunette outsider with the dark chocolate eyes and he knew she was his. And when she touched him? His body blazed to life like the Aurora Borealis. It was fate that brought her into his life. The same fate had found mates all the men in the Kringle line.
But a menace is creeping into Mistletoe. One that not only threatens Chris and Jamie, but could end Christmas worldwide.


4 thoughts on “Mistletoe, North Pole – Santa Baby synopsis

  1. Greetings Colleen… so I’m wondering around window shopping, and I come across this… I’m like, okay, where’s the rest? Is it a beginning of a story? A Trailer? I look at Calen’s comment and it seems that, in fact, it is a potential synopsis for a book? For your book? So, now I think, well, is this a published book? Inquiring readers – this one – want to know. I love a mystery.

    OH, and one other question. On your side bar, in your ‘Inspiring Images’ you have a beautiful picture of a Faerie. Where did you get that? Is it one you’ve painted? Is there a link to a larger view? It’s too small for me to see details.

    See you later. 🙂 *waving*


    • Yes it’s a synopsis for the story I’m currently focusing on (I have two other stories started). I hope to publish it when I’m done. Even if I have to self publish it. I work full time so it’s a bit slow going. Calen knows all about it as she’s my beta reader. 🙂

      I’ll look for the Fairy image for you. I think I have it on my PC at home.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂 *waves back!*


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