Incubus MC -Demon synopsis

Andi lives a life filled with adventure and passion. Men flock to her, women envy her. At least in the Paranormal Romance novels she writes. In real life? Adventure means a long drive from her home in Las Vegas to Portland Or for a book writers conference. Passion comes in her dreams, where her hard body, sexy heroes live. Little does she know the paranormal world she writes about is real.

Damian ‘Demon’ Dumont is leader of the Incubus Motorcycle Club. He’s six and half feet of hard muscled bad boy. He’s also an Incubus, a sex demon. In fact all of the Incubus MC are demons. Demon takes who he wants and what he wants without asking. No one messes with nor crosses him. Not if they want to live.

Oh a warm spring day, Andi and Demon cross paths. Nothing will ever be the same for either of them again. Desire flares when Demon finds himself drawn to Andi. Andi feels the same, but will the truth of what Demon is scare her off of what could be the man or demon of her dreams?


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