Look Closely

You came into my heart and filled it with love
You came into my bed and filled it with passion.
You came into my life and filled it with your light
You came into my mind and filled it thoughts of you.

You say you want to love me,
Check your heart, you’ll find
That love was already there.

You say now that I am everything you want.
You say now that something is missing
You say now that you may find it out there
You say now that I should not hold a touch.

I say that I love you and always will
I say I’ll be here, waiting for you
When the time is right for us.

I believe that our time together is not yet done
I believe that our hearts will still become one.
I believe that we do indeed share our love
I believe that you will find what you need in me.

Look closely at what love means
To you and I think you’ll find
That it means what you feel for me.


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