Across the Distance

You reach out across the distance to touch me
My body even now growing hot, wet with desire.
My heartbeat quickening with the shared memories
Of bodies rushing to come together in heated passion.
Your hardness finding and filling my soft wetness

Across the distance soft moans of shared passions flow
Fanning the fires we feel ever higher into the night.
Wanting to feel our quivering bodies becoming one
Needing to feel you hard and deep within me.
Taking me and making me yours in every way.

Across the distance the passion builds within us
Both rushing to find that sweet release we always find.
Your body stroking deeper harder faster within mine
Our cries growing louder as the peak floods though us.
The warm moist air about us scented with our lust.

Across the distance we reach to hold each other close
Arms seeking the warmth of sated breathless bodies.
Finding only the cool air of reality within our grasp
But knowing that soon the warmth will be real for us.
Closing the distance between us for a lifetime together.

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