Warming Glow

A gentle kiss wakens me each day
A soft touch in warm wet places
Lips melting together in soft kisses
Chasing the night’s darkness away

A soft moan builds deep between us
As we feel each others rising passions
A deep and everlasting heat filling us
As bodies press close and legs entwine

Hands moving over flesh grown hot
Tight with passion’s blush of desire
My hand caressing your hard body
Your hand caressing my body softly

Joining two bodies to become one
Reaching for passions blinding heights
Climbing ever higher in heated desire
Till reaching passions hot heights

Sweet release flows though us deep
You pouring into me so hot and sweet
Mine flowing hot and slick over you
Release easing the urgent need in us

A need fulfilled each day, each night
And in the afterglow of such need
Comes the joy of holding each other
A warming glow of love to start the day

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