The Shower

Steam fills the room gently
Filling it with a warm mist.
I stand beneath the rushing
Water, head bowed, waiting.
You will come to me, quietly.

A parting in the billowing steam
And you are here, behind me.
Your body pressed to mine,
I lift my head to the rushing
Water, feeling it flow over me.

It flows down, over my breasts
Held cupped in your hands.
Your lips on my neck, licking,
Lapping the wetness there.
My eyes closing in desire.

Your hands moving, drifting down
To find my own warm moist place.
Touching, feeling, probing me.
Your hardness, pressed to me
Ready to fill with your heat.

Slowly, slowly I turn to face you
Finding in the depths of your eyes
A passion so deep and loving that
I gaze into your very soul.
Seeing two as they become one.

I touch your body with my lips
Trailing sweet kisses down ,
Slowly sinking to my knees
Kissing you softly, gently.
My lips taking you to the brink.

You lift me to meet your sweet lips.
Held tight in your strong arms
I lift one leg to twine around you.
We come together, our sighs
Mingling with the warm steam.

Flowing together like water,
Hot..wet…slick…rushing water.
Our bodies becoming one,
Moving together, rushing to
Find our own sweet release.

It comes, suddenly, filling us.
We tremble with the force of it,
Nearly going to our knees with it
Crying out to each other in passion.
Holding each other close.

Steam fills the room gently
As, sated, we let the warm
Rushing water ease our bodies.
Clinging closely to each other
In the billowing clouds of steam.


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