Night Passions

Bodies stirring in the soft moonlight
Slowly waking us to passions rising.
Hot wet kisses trailing slowly downward
Filling us with desires yet unfulfilled.
Soft moans rising to fill the night air
Signaling the need for sweet release.
Our bodies sliding together becoming one
You fill me with the heat of the coming dawn.
My softness grasping to hold the heat of you.
Our cries fill the dawning sky with need
Straining for release that waits for us.
Riding that sharp sweet edge of desire that
That borders between pleasure and pain.
Till our bodies can hold no longer and
We tumble into completion together.
Trembling in the afterglow of sated desires
We hold each other in the soft dawning.
Safe in knowing that each night will
Find us stirring again in the soft moonlight.


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