In the Night

The Night covers me, finding me alone
I embrace the darkness, waiting…
My lover comes to me, in the darkness
Filling my bed, filling my Night.

In the Night you come to me, softly.
Finding me willing, wanting you.
Feeling the heat of our bodies,
Our hands touching, exploring.

The Night can not mute my cries
As you caress me with loving hands.
My body arching, quivering, shaking,
The need you build in me all-consuming.

I touch your hardness, in the Night
Lighting the same needs in you.
Stroking, touching, caressing
Our bodies afire in the Night.

The Night is alight with our passion
Burning brightly, we reach the heights
And feel the fire spread out to
Overtake us in the dark of Night.

We find our release, in the Night
Together, so sweet and so right.
We tremble as we pass the pinnacle,
Holding on to each other, in the Night.

Slowly Night releases its hold..
The day dawns, chasing Night away.
You slip from my arms, like the Night,
Slipping from the room.

You will return, with the Night.
To find me waiting, in the dark.
Our bodies to embrace, out hearts
To flame and light the Night.


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