Healing Love

My heart in limbo, encased in glass
Slowly bleeding all my love away.
Waiting for the day that love
Finds a way to break the glass.
And heal my wounded heart.

A love that has the power to heal,
The power to make me feel again.
A love that will be just for me,
A love I will not have to fear
Will turn away from me for another.

Will your love break the glass?
Freeing my heart for you to heal?
I yearn to bask in a love of my own,
A love that is just for me and me alone.
With your love my heart will heal.

I give to you , love, my healing heart.
Hold it close to yours and hear one beat,
As our hearts become one, bound by love.
Hold it close, love, care for it carefully
It belongs to you, as yours belongs to me.

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