Dream of Passion

I feel your weight atop me,
Such a sweet feeling.
I feel your breath hot,
Upon my flesh.

Wanting you…
Needing you…

Your mouth a sweet caress
Upon my breast.
You hands touching
My soft damp curls.

Wanting you…
Needing you…

Mouths open, pressed together
Our tongues entwined.
My legs parting,
You sliding between.

Wanting you…
Needing you…

I arch up to meet you,
You thrust home, filling me.
My legs locked
Around your waist.

Wanting you…
Needing you…

Passion builds,
Bodies straining.
Reaching for release,
The time is now.

Wanting you…
Needing you…

Sweet fulfillment near,
The dream shatters.
Waking to an empty bed,
You are not here, but still…

Wanting you…
Needing you…


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