Midnight doubts startle me awake
Fears racing though my sleepy mind.
Do I foolishly trust you with my heart?
Do I believe your sweetly whispered words?
Midnight doubts sending me into tears.

Midnight doubts filling me with fear
Wondering if your words of love are for me
Or are they really for another far away?
Am I really the one you want to go through life with?
Midnight doubts sending deep shivers to my soul.

Midnight doubts slowly fading with the dawn
Replaced with the warmth of words echoing
Within my mind and filling my heart with love.
Memories of your sweet embrace and loving touch.
Midnight doubts replaced with shivers of desire.

Midnight doubts becoming midday reflections
Realization that my trust, my love is valid
That you do hold my heart close to you as I hold yours
Knowing one day we’ll walk hand in hand
Midnight passions will be what wakes me in the night.