Snippet (First Draft) – Rose’s story

Theo Blackthorn sat behind the steering wheel of the black Ford cargo van, absently tapping on the wheel with one hand. He reached up with his other hand to brush is black shaggy hair off his neck. God I need a haircut, he thought. Looking in the rear view mirror, he watched the two thick-necked, dimwitted thugs in the back of the van check the box setting between them. The two could have been brothers, same bald shiny heads, poorly healed broken noses and matching tattoos. How he had gotten stuck with Frick and Frack he had no idea. All he knew for sure was that the guy who was supposed to do the driving hadn’t shown up for work this morning. Just my bad luck to have been late coming in today, he mused, Damn that long line at the Starbucks.

“Yo dude” the red-headed a nasally voice interrupted his train of thought. “You still with us? The mark is comin’ down the sidewalk now.”

“Does he even know what to do?” the second man snickered, his voice hoarse. Turning slightly in his seat, Theo narrowed his eyes at the tone of the two twits in the back.

“What I DO” Theo snarled back at Frack “is keep the means of transportation in working order for you fucktards. I wasn’t hired to play chauffeur for-”

“Did he just call us fucktards, Wallace?” Frack asked as he looked at Frick.

“Yeah he did Francis.” Frick…Wallace…answered in a growl. He glared at Theo for a minute. “Whadda you think Francis, we should maybe hurt him?” The box setting on the floor of the van chirped, drawing the attention of all three men.


6 thoughts on “Snippet (First Draft) – Rose’s story

  1. Girlfriend, you really need to go in and change your settings so that when someone comes to your blog it’s your newest blog that comes up. Right now it’s the oldest, and probably most people won’t like flip through a month’s worth of blogs to get to your newer one if they’re just clicking on your general link. (I’m not bossy at ALL am I???)


    • Morning. I sent a note off to WordPress support this morning to see what they say about it. On MY particular theme it’s set to automatically run newest to oldest, so I’m not able to adjust it. Not sure about yours. I’ll let you know if they email me. They may want to hear from you directly. We’ll see.


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