Excerpt (First Draft) – Kaden

The man set slouched in the overstuffed chair, his elbows resting on the arms, his hands clasped under his chin. His silver shoulder length hair pulled back and tied away from his face at his neck, two black braids framing each side of his face. Light from the flames danced over his nearly naked body, creating craggy shadows in his handsome face, highlighting his firm chest and toned abs. A fine line of silver hair traced down, disappearing below the end of the open fly of his well-worn jeans. Long muscled legs, encased in denim, were crossed at the ankles, his feet bare. The heat from the massive fireplace was working hard to take the chill from the room, but failing miserably. A moan came from the large four posted bed against the wall across from the fireplace. The sound snapped his attention back to room around him. Rubbing his hands over his face, Kaden rose from the chair, walking to stand next to the bed.

He looked dispassionately down at the young woman lying there, stripped bare, each arm and leg tied to a post of the bed. He let his gaze drift over her, taking in long auburn hair, wide frightened brown eyes, and lips that were cherry red from the gag in her mouth. Her high, firm breasts quivered from both struggling with her bonds and fear, pink nipples erect. Scanning further down, over a trim waist and small hips, he saw the patch of curls that matched her auburn hair, hiding her center. Looking at her legs, tied as they were, he saw they were trim and shapely, like dancers legs. The woman struggled even more, trying to plead with him though her gag. He swept his eyes back to hers, knowing all that she would see in his eyes was pity…and sadness.

“Shhh…there’s nothing I can do. We’re both trapped in what will happen here tonight.” Kaden’s voice was soft, but emotionless. Kicking out of his jeans he stood before her naked. Setting down on the edge of the bed next to the woman’s head, he reached out, stroking her cheek. It was wet with her tears.

“I’ll give you something to make this easier on you. You won’t remember any of this.” Waving his other hand over the night stand next to the bed, two small crystal tear drop shaped apothecary jars appeared. Each was etched with a set of Runes and each held a colored substance. He picked up one that contained a pale blue liquid looking at it as he fingered the stopper in it. The hand that had been stroking her cheek moved to the gag in her mouth. “I have to remove this but you must be quiet. “ He uttered a few words under his breath then tapped the woman’s lips three times with long lean finger.

As Kaden hooked his finger under the gag and lifted it off her mouth, the woman opened her mouth to scream. Nothing came out. She tried again…nothing. She had no voice. The man removed the stopper from the bottle in his hand.

“Open your mouth.” She shook her head, screaming no in her mind. “I said OPEN your mouth!” he repeated with a force that had her doing just that. She watched as he tipped the contents of the bottle into her mouth. “Swallow” was all he said. Her body did as he commanded; she felt the cool liquid slide down her throat. “Good…Good.” He said “It won’t hurt you. It will make you ready for me. You’ll beg me to take you with those brown eyes; you’ll ache for me to ride you hard, to pound into you. You’ll give me everything. Your body, your heart, and your magic.” He was almost whispering to her now. “And you just might survive.” He smiled a sad smile.

She shivered, feeling a heat spread through her body, pooling between her spread legs. She twitched, her eyes glazing over, her body tingling, aching for this strange man’s touch. She didn’t care that she may die, she needed him NOW. His cock buried deep in her wet core, taking her hard. Picking up the other bottle, the man popped the stopper off and drank down the red liquid in it. One swallow and it was gone.

“This isn’t easy for me either.” He told her as she writhed on the bed. “I’ve had to do this since I was 15. There was a new girl or woman every few weeks or months. Some didn’t survive. Others were left…” he paused, his face flushed, his hand reaching down to stroke his flaccid cock. “…damaged.”

Kaden closed his eyes, thinking back to the years that his father had made him do this, taking woman after woman, looking for that elusive one that would be a True Mate. The one that would release whatever magic his father told him was locked deep within him. Kaden gave up years ago trying to tell Richard Regan that he didn’t have that mystical magic within him. He had figured out when he was 17 that IF he did indeed have a True Mate and could possess that magic, he wouldn’t live long. His father would find a way to strip him of it, even if that meant killing his only child, his son.

Loud moans interrupted his thoughts, looking down at the woman; Kaden felt the lust starting to rage in his belly, his cock now quivering as he continued to stroke it. His hand fisted around it, pumping faster with long firm strokes. He knew he was close to losing himself to the primal sexual urges that the powerful aphrodisiac would ensure he could perform. After all these years, it was the only way he could take a woman. As the red fog of unbridled lust took him, Kaden snarled, his cock now standing on its own, jutting from the nest of curls at its base.

Just before losing total control, he had one last moment of clearly, long enough to mutter hoarsely “I’m sorry”. Giving in to the lust roaring through his veins, Kaden Regan pounced on the now willing woman, thrusting roughly into her without preamble.


9 thoughts on “Excerpt (First Draft) – Kaden

  1. Red blue. Red pill blue pill. Coke pepsi. Republican Democrat. Male Female. Right brain Left brain. Integration Consumation opens the third eye.


      • Red and Blue. Red potion Blue Potion. Red pill Blue pill in the Matrix. Republician Red Democrat Blue. Coke Red Pepsi blue. Red light-saber Darth Vader Blue Luke. Red right brain (male decisive) Blue left brain (feminine creative). It used to be called magic now its called marketing. Offering two choices as if they are the only ones. The only real choice is integration or consummation which creates a new being or consciousness. It is hinted at at the end of the book of Revelations where the bride and the groom consummate the wedding. That is the goal of the whole book. It seemed her book was about the finding of his other half which would produce a new something. I did not know if she chose those colors intentionally or she just knew somehow. Her are a couple articles. Just the first ones I came to that give some examples.




      • That’s really interesting. I’m guessing red and blue were probably just random choices. But how weird is that two choices thing. Like good and evil, happy and sad, etc. Does life just naturally fall into pairs like that?

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      • That is a huge discussion. But I will say I think that it is and has been a well known technical truth about humans that has been used to control and manipulate sleeping humanity for centuries. If any of that interests you I could make a recommendation or two for much more complete exploration of the subject. I found a guy sometime over the last couple years that helped me think about some of this stuff in a more helpful way. His name is Mark Passio. He has several lectures on youtube. I don’t consider him to be the gospel on everything he says but he was able to explain some things in a way that made sense to me. He was a priest in the satanic church then came out and has been teaching since. He is not a “Christian” in the traditional since but has alot to say about how religion and politics and the media has/is been used to manipulate and control the masses. There is a shorter one on the Matrix that would speak to what we are talking about. There is a long one 8-9 hours on Natural Law. He speaks of the Creator as the source of it. Again, I am not his disciple by any means but it was instructive for me. I found him when I was doing research for a murder case I was working on. He was lecturing on psychopathology. Its kinda like jumping down the rabbit hole but there is a bottom there. 🙂

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